What is the value of Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a nifty free service from our friends at Google but many businesses that do have it fail to make use of it at all. Today I want to chat to you about two key aspects that can help you understand your business on the Internet better.

The first feature that Google offers is Geographic Location. You can drill down to country, region or city level to give you a better idea of where potential customers are coming from. Here are some ideas on where this will help:

  • Identify potential new markets
  • Spend on advertising in the right markets

The second feature I want to highlight is the Devices list under Mobile. This is a great tool for identifying what type of cellular phones your clients are using. The problem that many businesses face is that many phones behave in different ways when they view the companies website. This analytic will quickly highlight if there are problems on any of the phone makes.

There is an additional benefit to the Devices analytic allowing you a great insight should you choose to develop a mobile app. The costs for developing apps that are available across multiple platforms can keep many businesses out of the market. With the information available you can now make better decisions on where to invest your money.

Join me next week where we will discuss Bounce Rates and what they mean.

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