Setting up Google Analytics

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How to set up Google Analytics

Following last week’s post I received several inquiries on how to set up Google Analytics on your website. What we have decided to do is run a series on setting it up and what the basic metrics can tell us.

This week we will cover what you need to set Analytics up on your website.

  1. Should you not have one, create a new Analytics account
  2. Set up a Property
  3. Follow the instructions to set up either Web Tracking or App Tracking

If you are going to be setting up Web Tracking please make sure you have:

  • FTP login details
  • Or preferably Control Panel access as this will give you access to all the verification options

Once Analytics is set up you will be given a unique key for your website that gets loaded with all the pages on your site, allowing Google to track visitors behavior.

Next week we will review metrics such as Bounce Rate and Time on Page.

This is author biographical info, that can be used to tell more about you, your iterests, background and experience. You can change it on Admin > Users > Your Profile > Biographical Info page."

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